31 Dec 2019

Welcome New Year I know I am the sum of all my stories I await the stories you will bring this year I no longer wish for things to happen I know the truly important things are beyond my control I do commit to improving my life one word at a time Last year’s word…

25 Dec 2019

Merry Christmas: Bah Humbug The holidays are different after loss. It cannot be otherwise. Just as Christmas changed as we grew into adulthood It must also change as we grow into life after loss This takes time Sometimes we yearn for the innocent excitement and joy of childhood Sometimes we yearn for the innocent joy…

18 Dec 2019

For those with family reaching out to those on their own is a gesture of good will towards others; an opportunity to share one’s good fortune with those who would otherwise be alone.Reaching out for those who are on their own is an act of faith because when we ask to be included we are vulnerable. We touch faith with the hope that we will be welcomed.

11 Dec 2019

Recently, I’ve been pulling writings from a series of notebooks and adding them into my second book file. Today I came across some notes I’d made when I was trying to figure out the title for my first book “Grief is… Thoughts on loss, struggle and new beginnings.” My working title had been “Really?!? This is normal?” To me, it was the obvious choice because first, it was the question I repeatedly asked during those early days and secondly,

03 Dec 2019

Giving Tuesday, the day I get to give to my favourite organizations (University of Waterloo) and charities (Toronto Hospice, War Amps, etc.) and double the value of my gift. Hooray! It’s such a nice way to support things like Richard’s Memorial Scholarship and to thank those who make other’s lives easier and encourage them to…