Welcome New Year

I know I am the sum of all my stories
I await the stories you will bring this year

I no longer wish for things to happen
I know the truly important things are beyond my control

I do commit to improving my life one word at a time
Last year’s word was health
I promised myself I wouldn’t do anything that I knew would create stress
in my body, my mind, my life
Stress begets poor health

I promised myself I would do things that supported my becoming healthier
(most of the time)
Good chocolate and ice cream can always be rationalized
They are after all good for my spiritual and mental health (antioxidants too)

Swimming more, laughing more and seeking out good company were all winning choices
So too was sitting quietly enough to listen to what my body needed, my mind required and my heart desired
The agreement to always put health first made it easier address conflicting wants
And surprisingly, brain has become less demanding when it comes to having coffee and in return stomach more forgiving overall

Together, the stories written are of successes
Even the failures
They are the ones that tell of my humanness and the value of falling short from time to time
They are the ones that taught me being kind and accepting my humanness supports my well-being

So as the old year gives way to the new I look forward to
Taking all my stories with me
The sad ones, the painful ones, the funny ones and the ones that leave me smiling and light
They are all the stories of my life to date and they will become part of the ongoing story that will be my life
Today, tomorrow and for a long I am fortunate enough to be here

Wishing you all a wonderful 2020 and the knowledge that yesterday’s stories become a part of the who we are, how we live today and what we will create tomorrow.

It is not a coincidence that healthy holds the word heal within it. It’s been a year of healing for me and I look forward to using what I’ve learned this past year in the years to come.

Stay well,
and if you’re in need of healing make supporting your health your deal breaker.
You’re worth it.

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