Heike believes that talking about our grief stories is not only a part of our own healing but is essential if we are going to become more compassionate and caring towards those who grieve. After all, as she puts it, “few of us leave this world unscathed and forewarned is forearmed.”

Note: all presentation can be customized to address the specific needs of a group (i.e. the bereaved; professionals; general public.)

This is… Grief: How to talk about our grief so others will understand

This presentation explores the themes of safe places, courage, and the challenges of learning a new way to live.

Grief and Loneliness: Why our friends are sometimes not enough

This presentation explores the themes of loneliness, connectedness, and how to safely build new relationships.

You can’t be serious? Dealing with the expectations of others

This presentation highlights some of the misconceptions and wrong beliefs society has about grief.
Ideal for those who are grieving and need confirmation that what they are living through is perfectly normal.
Also good for enlightening those who aren’t grieving but want to better support those who do.

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