25 Sep 2019

Widow Wednesday # 4: Who are the safe people? (Part 1)

Whenever I speak to groups about healing from grief I always tell them that when they are grieving they have to make sure the people in their lives are supporting their healing. But, how do we know if someone is safe? There are many tell tale signs. Let’s start with these three.

19 Sep 2019

The tee-shirt says it all or does it?  Marie Kondo and her philosophy of tidy changed the way many people view their stuff. On a recent donation run to Value Village the young man accepting donations said to me “Man, that Marie Kondo has done an awesome job for Value Village.” I did enjoy her…

11 Sep 2019

What about all those friends who disappear after the first few months (or even weeks)? It’s very tempting to say: “Just let them go. This is just one of those weird things that happen when people die.” Though there is a lot of truth in that statement, for some reason I feel we also don’t need to give up on everyone who disappears.

05 Sep 2019

Whenever I need to understand what someone else is thinking, feeling or creating I suggest we have a sit down conversation. I ain’t old school.