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“Mertins is hardly the first author to tackle the topic of losing a loved one, but what makes this work unusual and compelling is her adamant refusal to file the rough edges of her emotions in order to make the readers more comfortable. Speaking to others who have experienced a similar loss, she clearly encourages them not to deny or hide their emotions simply because society has set an arbitrary time limit on sorrow. A thoughtful, honest take on the messy, complicated process of grieving.”

-Kirkus Review-
“At first glance of the cover Grief is… my body exhaled. The simple image of the isolated bent and weathered tree resonated with how grief can feel and I was hopeful that this book “got it”. Exploring the book I was not disappointed. Heike’s gift is her honest and raw telling of her own experience enhanced by hopeful messages of how grief dances with us. The format of being able to pick it up and read from the section I need at that moment in digestible amounts was surely written for someone who knows how the grieving brain works. Highly recommend this for all humans because if you don’t feel you need this book now, a day will come when you will.”

-Becky Aud-Jennison, Founder, The Death Dialogues Project–
“So comforting. I bought this book about a month ago and loved the way the writer described the stages of grief and how she dealt with loss. Although I have not lost a spouse, I have lost my parents, been divorced, had my children leave home – all these situations left me feeling lost and out of place. I experienced to a lesser degree what Heike writes about so touchingly. I loved her humour, honesty and naked truth. Reading her book felt like having an honest chat with a close friend over a coffee. Highly recommend this to anyone going through loss and pain. You are not alone!”

“I lost my wife, Sheila, December 23, 2011 when we were both 75. The first year was a blur, but as time passes all I think about are the good times we had. The bad times at the end, I have locked away in a special vault in my mind. I take them out from time to time, but less and less the more time passes. From my experience with Hospice, I find that many men feel being macho is the answer and don’t show their true feelings. Women are much more outgoing. I feel your book on grief has helped far more people than you realize. Keep up the good work.

Don, widowed at 75
“Through my readings of Grief is…this book resonated with my recent loss and brought to light ways I have been living and processing previous grief from many years ago. It helped to remind me that grief is a process and you are not alone in it. I know there will be times in my life that I have not reached and will have to go through grief again – I will most certainly look to this book for guidance and insight.”

Kieran, multiple losses, age 26
“This book is courageous and comforting and hard. It has much to say about the parts of grief that are so often unspoken. In it, I found the sense of belonging that comes from knowing you are not alone in your experience.”

Shannon, hospice volunteer
Lost her mother at the age of 10

About Heike, the speaker

Heike Mertins, author of “Grief Is…” definitely hit the nail on the head in her informative, real-life account of her grief journey. As a Grief Support Group facilitator I do recommend Heike’s book to individuals attending our workshops.

The book is presented similar to a journal describing the ups and downs, good days and bad, as Heike continues through life (or tries to). Only someone going through this experience can comprehend the impact that a loved one’s death can have on our lives. Heike was able to articulate and document this impact.

I also had the pleasure of inviting Heike to speak at one of our Grief Support Groups. Having someone who spoke from the heart, no holds barred, left our group understanding that they are not alone. She also validated for many that what they are experiencing is normal, although not welcomed.

Thank you Heike for sharing your journey and telling it like it is. Your story has been a tremendous aid to many.

Grief Support Group Facilitator
I heard Heike speak in June of 2017. Heike’s presentation was powerful and uplifting! Her understanding of grief and the grieving process was enlightening. Heike was knowledgable, open, honest and approachable. She was unafraid to be vulnerable while discussing this difficult subject. She gave me a fresh new understanding of the process of grieving, and ideas to cope with challenging situations. With her knowledge and gentle encouragement, she sheds a new light of hope and compassion on the painful, often debilitating experience of grief and all its facets.

Joy, multiple losses, age 55

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