18 Sep 2012

Four years ago, my husband Richard (Professor Nutbrown) and I watched with great interest as Barack Obama ran for President. This was a historical moment. Richard became an adult in the 1960’s witnessing the civil rights movement and when I started public school there was one black child and one Indian child in my class….

10 Sep 2012

Grief is…. Going to McDonalds, though you haven’t eaten beef for over a year, ordering a Big Mac Meal with Coke, taking it home, putting aside 5 or so French fries for your French fry loving dog. Wolfing down the burger and fries with coke and then going to the freezer for one of the…

08 Sep 2012

Did you know that unless you are a Bell pay as you go customer or use prepaid cards you will need to give this cell phone provider 30 days notice? This means that though your phone may be deactivated with one company (Bell) and reactivated with another (Rogers) you will still need to pay for…

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