Coffee & Chocolate: Pandemic Essentials and Self-care

It’s the middle of March in Toronto and it’s snowing. Time to laugh, remember pandemic March 2020 & 2021, and keep moving forward.

Three things I said

1. “I didn’t get back to you yet because I was busy having a pandemic moment.  I needed to sort through and organize all my CDs.” 

Me, organizing my space and stuff a.k.a. the illusion that I’m still in control. 

2. “Every time I wipe down my kitchen counters (like all the time now) I miss the days when I used to worry about chicken blood and fish oil residue.  It’s exhausting.”

Me, having a little perspective crammed down my throat. My life was pretty cushy before I worried about my food being contaminated by a lethal virus.  Remember the video of the doctor who wiped down everything and nuked his fast food? Pandemic Panicking was exhausting.

3. “If I’ve got to go through this, there is no way I’m going to run out of my favourite Italian coffee.”

I was overjoyed when the first case of Illy coffee arrived. I laughed at myself when there were too many cans to fit into my cupboards: I had to line up the stylish silver cans with red writing along the top. I giggled when I sent I a photo of my new décor to a fellow coffee lover. And I howled when she replied with “I see your Illy and raise you my cases of Nespresso”. Good friends appreciate good coffee.

Three Things I heard

1. “The real crisis isn’t that the liquor store is out of wine.  They have wine. The real crisis is that I have to wait two days to pick-up my order.  I won’t make that mistake again. I’ll be stocked up come tomorrow” (pick-up day).

2. “I finally realized that if I’m the only person in my place there really isn’t any need to disinfect the inside door handle of my front door, provided of course that I’ve washed my hands before touching it.”

3. “In what world is that 6 feet?”

I hope you’re at least snickering a little to yourself by now. I hope these short lists make it being March and still snowing a little easier. I hope that we are all in a healthier space than we were in the previous two years. Change can be hard, and we never know the stories that others are carrying. Please be kind to those who are still struggling to figure things out, and always be kind to yourself: maybe a little coffee and chocolate would help? Stay well, 🙂 Heike


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