Giving Tuesday, the day I get to give to my favourite organizations (University of Waterloo) and charities (Toronto Hospice, War Amps, etc.) and double the value of my gift. Hooray!

It’s such a nice way to support things like Richard’s Memorial Scholarship and to thank those who make other’s lives easier and encourage them to keep on doing so. I am grateful to be able to support them now and to help them continue their work rather than wait until I’m dead. Who knows what the world will look like then? I’d rather give a little today with the hope that these programs continue to exist. They make living in Canada a whole lot greater.

Don’t just think about opening your wallet to donate. Melt that credit card a wee bit TODAY and double your impact. Help me help others to keep on building our community. We all know we will be melting that darn piece of plastic soon enough for other reasons.


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