About the Author

About Heike

Heike Mertins is many things to many people. Most importantly, she is a proud mom and playful nana.

Prior to becoming an international author, Heike dedicated several years to supporting her husband, brother, mother and father in the last years of their lives.

Heike is a “multipotentialite” and connector. Professionally, she began her career in retail management working for Toys R Us and GAP International, where she was recognized for excellence. She returned to university to further her studies with the intention of undertaking work that would help improve the lives of others. Since graduating she has helped raise awareness (and funds) for cultural diversity through large multi-cultural events, supported inventors as the Director of Business Development and Marketing for the Canadian Innovation Centre and developed strategic plans for small businesses.

Heike is also a committed long time volunteer. Over the years, she has been involved with many community projects and organizations. Among other things, she has volunteered as a big sister, supported street youth, and helped raise awareness of women’s issue, both locally and globally. She has also had the good fortune to be involved with TEDX Youth, Waterloo. She is grateful for the wonderful people she has met through these experiences and the broader perspective on life that knowing them has given her.

Heike holds both a degree from the University of Waterloo (B.A.) and Wilfrid Laurier University (M.A.). Her master’s thesis “Autonomy and Genetic Predisposition: The relationship between original organizational configuration and the tendency for autonomy. An analysis of three drop-in centres servicing street youth” is available for download through www.scholars.wlu.ca. She has also completed a certificate program in Community Capacity Building.

After spending recent years supporting loved ones, she is looking forward to doing more travelling, spending more time with family and friends, re-starting her journey of learning to speak Chinese and, of course, doing more writing. It is her personal mission to continue supporting the grieving by pulling back the curtain on this hidden world and working with others committed to building more compassionate communities.