We are adapting beautifully

Some days still feel overwhelming.  But, I know we are all adapting beautifully.  And, yes, I know we are finding our way.  I know this because when I look at pieces I wrote some months back I can see how far we have all, collectively, come.

This doesn’t mean that we aren’t still at times struggling or that we are all on the same page (yet).  It does mean that when we are feeling overwhelmed it’s a good thing to re-visit where we were months ago so that we can remind ourselves that we are indeed adapting and making progress. Life has taught me ( and likely you too) that our brains have a tendency to ‘forget or downplay’ difficult moments.  All the more reason for us to remind it of where we once were, to back off on the overwhelm, and that we got this (or that at least we are getting this).

This morning’s reminder of resilience and adaptation.

From the archives:

Virtual lunch date with 2 friends – April 2020

Friend #1: So… I was in the store and I saw this guy wearing a N95 and he was wearing it with both elastics over his head like this.  Normally you would wear a mask with the loops around your ears, right?

Me: Yeah, I think so. That is a bit off.

Friend #1: Do you think they were defective and that’s what we’re getting?

Friend #2: No, that’s how you’re supposed to wear them. That’s how we wear them at work.

Me and friend #1: Oh…

Me:  I can’t believe we’re talking about how to ‘normally wear a N95 mask’.

Yes, our adjustments are far from complete.  Life is filled with pivots and adjustments: always. But, with every small step forward we build in a new direction; one that will better support us and help us to once again thrive. No longer being curious or concerned about N95 masks, odd as it may seem, is one of those small steps. I’m betting you too, have taken your own weird small steps which knowingly or unknowingly have helped bring you to where you are today. Just keep walking. Look back when you need to and know you got this.

Stay well,


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