Widow Wednesday

Welcome to Widow(er) Wednesday, where I share what worked, what didn’t work and what could work better.

To better support the grieving accept their messengers of love.

Messages of love

Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

Pretty much everyone I know who has lost a loved one has told me a story of how they believed their loved one showed up in another form after they died. Not all of these people are religious and I could easily build an argument that having these experiences contradicts many religious doctrines. And yet still, even those who are deeply religious have told me these stories. I too, of course, have my own stories.

The very fact that we speak of angels, spirit guides, messengers and feeling someone’s presence indicates that these experiences are universal.

The time has come to accept these happenings as valid as well as valuable.

Whether healing comes in the form of a Spiderman band-aid, antibiotic cream, stitches, a warm cup of tea, a shot of brandy, a soft blanket, a hug, or the presence of someone who cares is irrelevant: all wounds need support in order to heal.
Sometimes we need all of these things to work together so that we can heal and some supports are more effective than others. When our wounds are not visible we still need to be supported to heal.

Consequently, I’ve come to realize when someone tells me of their late husband visiting in the form of his favourite bird or butterfly, or in my case, feeling my late husband’s presence in the wind, that she and I are being supported in our healing by our loved ones. These messages and messengers are gifts of healing.

The bottom line: I can accept another’s truth even when their experiences differ from my own. I’m sure you can too.
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