This morning I saw my favourite jogger. I didn’t know there was such a thing. As I sipped my coffee and glanced out my window onto the street below I could see a figure clad all in black (ninja style) complete with facial covering.  Rhythmically, the ninja jogger pounded the pavement in my general direction.  I also saw, ahead of the jogger, a pedestrian. The jogger too saw the pedestrian and as I watched the jogger headed towards the street.  I smiled as the jogger carved out the loveliest of circular paths unseen to the naked eye: one that gave both parties at least 8-10 feet or approximately 3 meters of safe breathing space.

Less than five minutes later deeply immersed in my book I heard someone singing in the street below~ not words, but the kind of singing we do when we’re dancing along to a favourite song. Looking up from my book I turned towards the sound.  There in the street was a man, curly brown hair, red logo t-shirt, brown pants, tweed jacket and head phones strapped to his ears singing and dancing his way up the street.  With his raised arm and pointer finger keeping time to the music I could not hear but he definitely did, he was do-do-ing  and da-da-ing loud enough that his happy sounds had travelled through my closed windows.  I watched as he shuffled his feet back and forth, turning now and then in circles, all the time moving more and more away from where I sat. I watched as a family with two children out for their walk stood on the corner and turned to witness his joy.  I watched as he danced by a couple standing on their front porch that broke off their conversation and turned towards him as he boogied past them; and I watched as a repair man stepped aside so that proper social distancing practices were observed. I watched this dancing man shuffle, turn and move those hips for two city blocks until I could no longer see him. And as I turned away from my window I smiled. His bold playfulness had touched my heart.  Someone had remembered the power of feeling the sunshine on this beautiful April morning, put on his favourite tunes and danced his way into today. I felt happy. After weeks of becoming more and more disappointed in the inability of others to be considerate of those around them I once again fell in love with all that is good with humanity.  I was reminded that though some days feel like a battle, life is also about remembering to nurture our spirits, to rejoice, to sing along to our favourite tunes, to feel the sunshine and dance.