There is no such thing as returning to an “old normal.” The moment in which a “new normal” comes into being is also the moment in which the old normal ceases to exist. New normals and shifts challenge old ways and give rise to new ideas and knowledge.  Once we know something it isn’t possible to unknow it. Even if we deny or fight against that which stares us directly in the eye, we cannot will this new knowledge back into non-existence. 

If we are fortunate, we are able to hold fast onto some aspects of our lives that still work but returning to what once was is not only impossible, but given what we have learned, no longer feels familiar. This creates feelings of discontent as we are now aware of many of the things that were lacking in the old normal.  It is better to step forward into uncertainty and into the new normal. Failing to do so does not return us to what once was, it only leaves us in limbo and angry with fear.

Always choose courage and joy over anger and fear.

Till next time, stay well, stay safe

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