21 Dec 2018

Original art work by Emily Nutbrown

Special thanks to Linda Stuart, Life Celebrant who recently introduced me to this ritual.

The first candle is lit for those who have come before us and are no longer with us. We light it to acknowledge the gifts their presence in our lives bestowed upon us, whether they were mentors, friends or family.

The second candle is lit for those of us who are present: to acknowledge that we have gathered together to create together. It is also lit to honour all that is present in our lives that makes it possible for us to be all that we are and can be: especially the people who love and support us unconditionally.

The third candle is lit for those who are yet to come into our lives: those who have not yet been born and those who we have not yet met. We light it as we commit to being present to building the future. We build knowing that creating is messy and that though we may not witness the completion of that which we are building that this too is part of the natural order of things.

That’s all there is. And yes, I light my three candles regularly and yes, they will be lit when we gather round the table next week.

As always, to those who are struggling this holiday season, know that you are in my heart. As hard as these days may be, they too shall pass and this time next year, things will again look different. Take care of yourselves and stay well. Heike

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