The message behind Adam Kahane’s thinking is clear.  Even situations we may have resigned ourselves into accepting can be altered. His ability to simplify the complexity that exists within incredibly difficult situations (think South Africa’s transition from Apartheid) makes his ideas digestible and offers up hope for those interested in the art of problem solving.  His last book “Collaborating with the Enemy” details how stretch collaboration can be utilized to co-develop new unconventional solutions.

The principles of his three step process have recently been dancing around my brain.  Can “Stretch Collaboration” help us create new ways of living that better support us, especially during these challenging times? How could this work? Are we doing enough scenario planning to explore different outcomes, not just around things like sending our kids back to school but also around subjects like what do we want the future to look like? What could that look like?

This crisis has given all of us a lot of new information to process and to think about.  Many of us will choose not to do this work.  Many will try to rebuild the past.  But, for those asking questions and not yet familiar with Adam Kahane’s ideas, today I’m happy to share his thought provoking talk on “How to Change the Future” and, of course, a link to his book (see below). One must always have hope and be willing to step into the uncomfortable. It is the way forward.

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Adam Kahane’s talk on How to Change the Future

Check out “Collaborating with the Enemy” here