A lot of hard work and long hours go into building one’s dreams. Books like the 4 hour work day and other spurious get rich quick business “opportunities” proclaim and would have us believe that all one needs is a good idea, some luck and some connections and we too will be living the Rich and Famous lifestyle. I beg to differ. I have watched Sean and Amy Zister work incredibly hard and long (years) to make their business, their dream a success. It has also been my privilege to play a small role in making this happen. So not surprisingly, I am thrilled for them as they continue to build their social venture “Seven Shores Urban Market and Café. It is with great respect and pleasure that I shout from the rooftop (or this blog as the case may be) about their most recent success and my certainty that they will continue to play a pivotal role in making the City of Waterloo a more vibrant, interesting and engaged place to live. Well done. Be proud- those who know you are proud of all you’ve done so far and will no doubt accomplish.

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