As I grow into my inner crone

My hair will become silver, long and curls will abound

The challenge will be to see if frizz wins out

or if my crowning crone glory will simply become luxurious big hair

I am grateful for the plethora of hair products that tame, sculpt and glorify (most days)

Big hair would work beautifully

I’ll think of it as my lion’s mane, the hair of Samson

Oh, why do I have no female reference point for Samson?

That is yet another reason to grow into my croneship

Yes, the world needs more crones

Powerful, wise women willing to share what life has taught us

Guiding our youngsters to become ever more powerful

Trusting our truths so they may reflect upon their own

Crying out with joy as their courage reveals itself

Knowing our children are strong because we chose

to nurture our own courage

our own strength

our own inner crone

~Heike Mertins copyright 2020~ (image source: