It’s never the big things

It’s the little things that make a difference

A very short post. It’s kind of in keeping with “it’s the little things” theme.

I know my friends well enough to know that they contribute to the community in many different ways AND I know they seldom talk about what they do. It’s just how they are. So when my friend Arron Best posted this picture on Facebook I knew that she had surprised herself by how a little thing she did each time she went shopping had morphed into this impressive Food Bank donation. She wasn’t bragging. She was sharing what she’d discovered. One item purchased each trip and then dropped into a bin until the end of the year turns into this. Just one item.

There is little more I can add, though I will say that if you have a minute take a look at the variety of things on this table. It’s fun. Thanks for inspiring.

Happy New Year and wishing everyone good health and much joy for the coming year. Be inspired, Heike