Em & Mom
Hug Someone You Love Today
The very fact that I now live in a place where my grief has become one of the stories of my life is somewhat remarkable. It’s taken a long time for me to incorporate my experience of grief into my life story. It is now a part of me the same way that loving to laugh is a part of me.
I used to think once the logistics of dealing with my husband’s death were over I would easily close that chapter and move one. I once thought it would take about 90 days to do so. I was, after all, feisty; I still had things to do, places to go and worlds to rock. Ninety days – how ludicrous. As if eighteen and half years of creating deep neurological pathways entrenched in love and accepted imperfections could be replaced in ninety days.
To those who grieve I say once more, take all the time you need. It will get easier. Your grief story too will become part of your life story. To those looking to support someone who is grieving please be patient. If you question how challenging rebuilding your life one new habit at a time can be I challenge you to walk for 30 minutes everyday until it’s become a new habit. When you fail to do this for even 90 days straight, be grateful you are only trying to incorporate 30 minutes of walking into your life story and not the loss of your most loved ones. Hug someone you love today. Hug someone who needs a hug (p.s. we all need hugs). Consider yourself hugged. Enjoy the weekend!