Even with snow in the forecast…
breaking ice on the lake reminds me that everything changes.

Writers write. It’s what we do to make sense of the world and sometimes poke a little fun at it. Today I found this on my desktop.  It documents a couple of conversations from 2020, the year we first went into lockdown.  It seems so long ago now and at times as if it might never end: “this new normal.” There’s a phrase we seldom hear these days.  If you think that’s one of the few things that have changed then you might enjoy this trip down memory lane.


Remember when…. we used to get mask envy

Sometimes I just can’t stop myself from leaping across the do not talk to anyone divide.

Me at the grocery store:  I really like your wonder woman mask. 

Woman in the mask: Thank you.

Me to myself:  I wonder if she made it or found it on-line. I’d like a batman mask


Remember when… not everyone had masks.

Friend: Do you have a mask

Me: No, but a friend made me one.  It’s in the mail.  I’m really looking forward to getting it.


Remember when … we spent way too much time alone.

Me, talking to myself as I’m putting my mask on before heading into the deli: I remember when it was the bad guys who only wore masks in stores, like when we used to play cops and robbers. Do kids still do that. Probably not. Small chuckle. 

The thought continues… ‘yeah, but Superheroes wear masks too, not just robbers. My age is showing. Yes, but not my face.’ (I shake my head at myself in amusement and I enter the deli).

When did I start having conversations with myself?


Remember… when we couldn’t ‘gather’ so we opted for virtual beverage friendly weekend lunches, brunches, dinners, etc.

Friend #1 : “So… I was in the store, and I saw this guy wearing a N95 and he was wearing it with both elastics over his head like this.”  He gestures to indicate the loops would be on the top and at the back of the person’s head.  “Normally you would wear a mask with the loops around your ears, right?”

Me: thinking this makes sense “Yeah, I think so. That is a bit off.”

Friend #1: “Do you think they were defective and that’s what we’re getting.”

Friend #2: “No, that’s how you’re supposed to wear them. That’s how we wear them at work.”

Me and friend #1: “Oh”

Me: “I can’t believe we’re talking about how to ‘normally wear a N95 mask’.”


Remember when… homemade masks were us being resourceful.

Friend: Do you have a mask?

Me: Yes

Friend: What kind is it?

Me: It’s homemade

Friend: Oh, is it a sewn one or a bandana one?

Me: It’s a sewn one.  It has a nice pattern. It’s happy. A friend made it for me.

Friend: Mine’s made of denim from an old pair of jeans. Did you see the funny video about that woman who made a homemade mask out of one of her old bras?

Me:  The one where she puts the mask over her head at the end?

Friend:  Yeah, that was hilarious.

Me: I laughed so hard. And then I sent it to some friends. (It really is hilarious)


More mask conversations…. (will this ever end?)

Friend: My neighbour is making masks for the hospital

Me: A friend of mine is selling the ones she makes now.  She gave a bunch away, but then people started asking her to make orders like for 40 masks or something.

Friend: A Facebook friend in the east end is making and selling masks too.  It’s porch pick-up, of course.


I remember when we wore bras to hold up our boobs, jeans as pants and curbside was something dogs did in the city.

I liked it when ripped jeans were fashionable and turning them into masks was just too odd of an idea to even entertain.

I miss the days when I wore my bandanas to hold my hair back while driving with the sunroof open, the tunes cranked, reeking of sunscreen, and lookin’ good in my shades.  Maybe again later this year.

That was how we began. But by July I once again reeked of sunscreen and felt the warm sun through my open sunroof. My bandana held back my hair (and a mask hung from the rear-view mirror). Everything changes. I believe this summer will be even better.  Hang in, at least no one still suffers from mask envy and the ice is breaking up on the lake. 😉

Stay well,


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