Falling in love with an Irishman is an easy thing to do. That nonchalant relaxed manner puts everyone at ease. The sparkle in the eyes makes you laugh, waiting and wanting to see what’s coming next, and perhaps a bit wary in a good way (What are you up to? What are you going say next?). The born storyteller will keep you entertained. You may have a pint or in my case a glass of wine too many now and then, but its worth it and in the morning, there will be coffee and perhaps fried eggs and toast to aid your recovery.

He will be a man of integrity and commitment. Whether it is to friends from the pub, his work, his family or you he will give it all he’s got. It may drive you crazy when you think his attention should be elsewhere but you will, perhaps sometimes grudgingly, have to respect this about him. These are noble traits in an often ignoble world.

You will have years of good days and they will go by so quickly you will shake your head and wonder how you went from young and beautiful to middle aged and content and so on. You will look over years of pictures and say to yourself over and over again “that was a good day, that was fun” and you will smile. Those Irish men will lighten your heart, make you less serious and teach you to enjoy life more. They will sing and dance, sometimes loudly with other Irish, Scottish and Welsh men, but also oh so softly with you when you are both alone in your kitchen. They will sit down and camp forever in your heart if not in your life. They will make your heart happy.

Life is best with a happy heart.