18 Feb 2015

Dear Rogers

Thank you so much for the very nice hockey themed gift bag with the “real” hockey lace” string handles. If you knew anything about me you would know what a MAJOR waste of money it was to give me this bag. I would also like to thank you for the contract I had to sign before I got my phone and after I had already spent half an hour of my life talking with your very nice sales rep. Please keep doing this because my time really isn’t that valuable to me.

Surely you know no one reads a document this long or wide (see photo) and since your people (based on past years of experience) pretty much do little more than summarize the document and indicate where we are to sign it is a bit of a joke that the sales rep pretends to make sure we know what we are signing and that we agree that we do.

Glancing at it now I’m wondering exactly how much more I will be paying each month for your share everything plan. Is it the amount quoted to me in the store or the total written in on the form that suggests there may be additional charges? I guess since I signed it I’ll pay it good surprise or bad surprise- we shall see.

Lastly, I so loved it where your rep told me the share everything plan would cost me $55 a month to share everything with my daughter and the disembodied voice told him when he called in to set things up that I would pay $60 a month. Something about the store computer pulling up data from my original plan but the man behind the curtain held the “true” answer. Good thing we checked- good for you that is.
About that share everything plan…that must have been some household you grew up in. “Roger, in this family we share everything. Please share your truck with your brother and he’ll give you his allowance. When you want to share his DS you’ll give him yours.” Huh?

Do you really wonder why Canadians are so angry? Oh and btw my daughter’s new phone is my old iPhone. Huh?

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