Cinnamon Rouge

Cinnamon Rouge

By Heike Mertins

Cinnamon Rouge
Spicy, warm and red
It fills my mouth with brazen delight
And fairies sashay lightly cross my tongue

Cool, cool blue
So cold I taste your icicles
Crackling, crisp, sharp and brittle
Dangerous, and weapon-like
Cool, cold blue

I wait for spring
To see the snow melted away
The crocuses and snow drops poking their fearsome heads
through recent remnants of winter memories

I long for the warm sun
          to close my eyes and turn my face towards lighter days
                                           gentler breezes and renewed beginnings

But not today
It's February in Toronto
A most loathsome time of year

Be wary of the toll these days do take

Hold fast
To the heat that lives deep within
Fierce and flirtatiously it calls
                                 the fire that always burns
                                 the fire that, though low, still flickers and yearns
                                 the fire that waits patiently 
                                                                for sparks of cinnamon rouge

It is hope
This cinnamon rouge
Even in February, in Toronto

Copyright February 26, 2020, Photo courtesy of “Red”


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