An Eclectic Life

Following Your Passion or Making Your Life Work (part I).

I hemmed and hawed about whether the title to this blog should be following your passion AND making your life work or if it should read, as it does now, with OR as the conjunction representing the need to make a choice. I chose to go with “or” because there is so much...

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Calculated Risk Taking Beats Rolling The Dice

Over the years I have worked on and developed many project plans. In groups I often end up being the one who asks the questions that help us outline a strategy. It is something I do well, BUT, it is something that if you start with the ten easy steps listed below can...

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Women of Waterloo Region- A Women’s Event that Works!

In 2009, WOW or Women of Waterloo Region was started by a woman named Amanda Knapp. Knapp wanted simply to celebrate women who were doing things that made other women think “WOW, what an amazing woman”.  As Knapp puts it “This is about women who WOW you.    They...

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A Canadian “Green” Forestry Sector: success or compromise

On May 18, 2010, the Globe & Mail’s Martin Mittlelstaedt reported the forestry sector sees “green as the colour of hope”. It appears that Canada’s rapidly shrinking forestry sector ($80 billion last year down to 54 billion this year) is looking to “green” itself...

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog “An Eclectic Life”.  I spent a lot of time trying to come up with this blog title. I wanted a title that was reflective of what I wanted to blog about, reflective of me, my interests, my work, and, of course, one that hadn’t already been taken....

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Cancer and Things I Never Knew (but wish I had)

It is not a coincidence that I haven’t blogged since January and that this post is about things I wish I knew about cancer but didn’t. My brother passed away mid-January from aggressive renal (kidney) cancer and it has not been in me to write publicly since then. But,...

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