08 Sep 2012

Did you know that unless you are a Bell pay as you go customer or use prepaid cards you will need to give this cell phone provider 30 days notice? This means that though your phone may be deactivated with one company (Bell) and reactivated with another (Rogers) you will still need to pay for the forthcoming 30 days. This means you will be paying two phone bills for one number: one to your new provider for using your new phone and the other to your old provider because they say so. It will not matter if your contract has lapsed or if you cancel prior to your next billing cycle. Your new cell phone provider will likely not tell you this. Nor will your old provider. But they will both send you bills.

The only way around this is to give your 30 days notice and get your number deactivated and then wait 30 days to purchase your new phone and get your number reactivated (I wonder if it would still be available?). The thing is… I suppose this means you will be without an activated cell phone for 30 days. Because it isn’t like you are going to be able to use both phones on the same number, now then are you? Anybody

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  1. Abdel

    When you port a cell phone number, say from Rogers to Telus, and assuming that there’s no ongoing contract with the old provider (ie rogers) you may be charged for the last month since they say that they need a 30 day notice.
    The good news is that you just need to fill an online complaint from to the CCTS and you’ll get your money back. This is because you’re being asked to pay for a service that you are NOT receiving (since another company is providing it now), which is simply illegal.
    It’s all done online at:

    A good discussion with positive feedback about this method can be found here:

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