The world is filled with extremely talented women. My sister-in-law Keller Easterling is an architect, urbanist and writer who is also a professor, designer and master seamstress. Some months back a woman in my hospice walking group was telling me about a local woman who re-purposed family items. For example grandma’s wedding dress was turned into sachets, pillows and other items. The woman from my walking group was thinking of having some of her late husband’s favorite clothes sewn into keepsake items for their children. This got me thinking of my husband’s many shirts and how I had seen an apron my sister-in-law had fashioned from a men’s shirt. It was a blend of Mad Men style and hip re-purposing. So I asked her if she could draw up the pattern. Since then another friend, Diane Tyrrell, has developed a more traditional version with a thinner waistband and a frilly pocket. And others have made requests for the patterns. Today I am posting the pattern for Keller’s Shirt Apron and pictures of the finished product for anyone interested in sewing one. I will post Diane version in the coming weeks so both will be available. Aren’t we just amazing.

Keller’s Apron Pattern

Keller’s Apron sideview

Keller’s Apron Front View