A message of hope

Facebook isn’t always great. In the last few weeks I have seen “memories” of times I’d forgotten about. I remember well posting those photos during the first few years after Richard passed: sometimes out of a need to document the sadness that masked itself as in your face anger and black humour, sometimes to capture a fleeting moment of real joy and sometimes to reassure friends we were getting out, working on “living” and we were o.k.

Reflection is something we often do as the year winds down. Facebook made me reflect back even further to those very painful “memories”. This was good because after the initial shock of remembering those moments subsided I realized I now live in a pretty good headspace. I’m even mostly happy these days. Hope again is a regular part of my life.

So for those struggling today who are not yet there I am sharing an entry from my book that I wrote somewhere between year two and three. Hang in there; hope does return. And for the rest of you, my friends, it’s just a short piece of whimsy to lighten your day.

“Learning to live again is …. feeling like I’m walking around with tiny tender shoots of positive emotions poking their fragile heads through the rubble. Hello Joy. Hello Happiness. Hello Calmness! Hello Sense of Humour! Hello! Hello! Hello! “