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We tend to associate a sense of accomplishment with doing or completing a task or project. Whether its painting a bedroom or hitting a million in sales, when we reach a goal we feel happy, proud and self-confident.

For some people it is easier to paint a bedroom than to love another and express that love.  For others it is less challenging to hit a million in sales than to feel gratitude and generosity.

2020 with all its ups and downs has taught us that the fleeting moments of task completion can temporarily keep anxiety and self-doubt at bay but, connecting with those we love, and practicing self-care are what give us the strength to stay well (physically, mentally and spiritually). For many this has proven to be more challenging than was previously thought possible.

As 2020 draws to an end, if you still feel gratitude or have learned to feel grateful this past year and if are still kind and generous to those you know and those you do not know, then you have accomplished much.  IF you’ve discovered that you are more compassionate than you previously thought or that you can be more afraid and consequently, abrupt to others than you believed you were capable of, then you have accomplished even more.  IF all of these things are true and you continue to work at being your best self every day, right now, knowing fully you will continue to fail in new and unforeseen ways and that failure will not stop you from reaching out and helping others and accepting the help and support offered by others, then you have accomplished great things this year. These are the accomplishments that will help us all to succeed and they will help us to live better lives as we move forward and into 2021. These are lessons of loss.  They are lessons that teach us that life continues after loss and that engaging in life’s challenges is what makes our lives richer- in the most important ways.

Love much. Fail often. Love more.


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