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How nice to write a lighter blog. As hokey as it sounds we do learn from our children and grandchildren.  Here are a couple of things I’ve re-learned in the not too distant past thanks to the handsome gentleman seated above.

1. When we are tired and hungry we are not at our best. It is better to eat small snacks throughout the day, get enough sleep and be our best.

2. Sometimes something is so exciting we cannot sleep. There may be a price for this, but it’s worth it. We will sleep later. Yes, point 1& 2 are both true.

3. Learning a new skill takes time, lots of time, and there will be lots of setbacks, frustration, and start overs. It also takes perseverance and bold tenacity. These are our natural states- all of them. This is a natural process for EVERYONE.

4. Smiling when you see someone you love makes them happy too. Do it as often as possible.

5. Sometimes we need someone to lend a helping hand, sometimes we don’t. Enough said.

6. Nothing and I mean nothing in this life beats a cuddle with our safe person when we’re feeling a bit unsure. Ahhhh!

7. We need as many supportive, loving and goofy people in our life as we can get. They make everything so much better.

8. Dogs are the best companions ever. They are always there for you and only complain when you do something really stupid like somersault over them or let the vet try to stick a thermometer you know where.

9. Singing always helps – whether someone is singing to you or you are singing, it changes everything.

10. Lastly, always remember to think outside the box. There are many solutions to most problems. After all who would have thought a food dish could double as a great place to sit when the water dish calls. 😉