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03 Jul 2020

Shi(f)t Happens One day, out of nowhere, this thought came to me.  If it was possible for my life to become chaotic in an instant, then it is also possible that my life could become lighter again in an instant.  Why not?  It was an unexpected piece of bad news that took me down that…

07 Jun 2020

When we stop fighting the inevitable, we release energy which enables us to a create richer life. ~Elsie MacCormick~

06 May 2020

It was a long time ago, when I was a young woman. The first time we went out I did not know he was a hunter. I was your typical naïve Bambi loving urbanite. I was not looking to date a hunter. Yet, regardless of the fact that he hunted, I liked this young man….

16 Apr 2020

This morning I saw my favourite jogger. I didn’t know there was such a thing. As I sipped my coffee and glanced out my window onto the street below I could see a figure clad all in black (ninja style) complete with facial covering.  Rhythmically, the ninja jogger pounded the pavement in my general direction. …

26 Mar 2020

My brother and husband both had terminal cancer. But, it was respiratory infections that ended their lives. Not covid-19 type of viral infections – just plain old regular respiratory infections. None of their caregivers were ill. The viruses were introduced into their homes by third parties who either didn’t know they were carriers or who…

18 Mar 2020

Gratitude is both next to impossible and essential when we are grieving. Don’t even think that I’m going to that place of being grateful because your loved one is no longer suffering or in heaven. That sort of thinking is flawed. That sort of gratitude is very messy and complicated – mostly because it stifles…

11 Mar 2020

At 18 I dove into the ocean of gratitude and never found shore ~Dr. Patch Adams~ What are you waiting for?

13 Feb 2020

1. Is he still alive? I thought he’d be dead by now. 2. But she lives in such a nice neighbourhood. I’m surprised she goes to AA. (only poor people are alcoholics?) 3. Wow! What did she do to deserve that? Upon learning that my brother and husband died 18 months apart: their deaths, my…

05 Feb 2020

Widow Wednesday

Messages of love
Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.
Pretty much everyone I know who has lost a loved one has told me a story of how they believed their loved one showed up in another form after they died. The time has come to accept these happenings as valid as well as valuable.

29 Jan 2020

A friend and I recently watched her ’70 something year old’ cousin marry her ’90 something year old’ fiancée. It was a beautiful ceremony. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Otherwise, I would have missed witnessing this joyous occasion. For this, I am grateful. I wasn’t invited…

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