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23 Apr 2020

    Cleaning off my dying laptop I came across this piece.  I wrote it at least 7 years ago as my niece is turning 15 and I refer to her as being 7. I have no recollection of writing it.  The odd things loss will do to a brain.  Though I wrote it as…

12 Apr 2020

I have been very angry these past weeks. I have spoken harshly to joggers who would run up right behind me without warning and pass me as if social distancing did not apply to them. I have lost it when the wife of the jogger that cut right in front of me less than a…

26 Mar 2020

My brother and husband both had terminal cancer. But, it was respiratory infections that ended their lives. Not covid-19 type of viral infections – just plain old regular respiratory infections. None of their caregivers were ill. The viruses were introduced into their homes by third parties who either didn’t know they were carriers or who…

13 Feb 2020

1. Is he still alive? I thought he’d be dead by now. 2. But she lives in such a nice neighbourhood. I’m surprised she goes to AA. (only poor people are alcoholics?) 3. Wow! What did she do to deserve that? Upon learning that my brother and husband died 18 months apart: their deaths, my…

05 Feb 2020

Widow Wednesday

Messages of love
Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.
Pretty much everyone I know who has lost a loved one has told me a story of how they believed their loved one showed up in another form after they died. The time has come to accept these happenings as valid as well as valuable.

08 Jan 2020

Widow Wednesday Welcome to Widow(er) Wednesday, where I share what worked, what didn’t work and what could work better. How to support the grieving: Accept that loss is a life-altering experience Time is a social construct and created through thinking. Grieving is an act of the heart and does not understand what the brain is…

11 Dec 2019

Recently, I’ve been pulling writings from a series of notebooks and adding them into my second book file. Today I came across some notes I’d made when I was trying to figure out the title for my first book “Grief is… Thoughts on loss, struggle and new beginnings.” My working title had been “Really?!? This is normal?” To me, it was the obvious choice because first, it was the question I repeatedly asked during those early days and secondly,

20 Nov 2019

Widow Wednesday #7
Welcome to Widow(er) Wednesdays. This week’s taboo busting blog is as much for those looking to better support loved ones who are grieving as it is for those who are grieving. This week’s taboo topic is GRIEF COUNSELLING.

12 Nov 2019

I remember…
War, Veterans and Remembrance Day

I remember being 5 years old and learning about Remembrance Day in school.
I remember feeling glad that I could remember my Opa whom I never knew

07 Nov 2019

It is a challenge to live with intention and not out of habit. It requires that I look at my situation, my body and my health and rather than dismiss their rumblings, take a deep breath, sit still and listen.