15 Feb 2019

I shifted my thinking from “moving on” to moving forward” somewhere in the midst of living my grief story. It was such a relief to do this. Suddenly I didn’t have to forget what happened, I didn’t have to forget the person I loved most the world who had died and I didn’t have to pretend that I could pick up from where my life left off before loved ones became ill and died. Whew!

Grief and loss changes us irrevocably and it’s not all bad.

I am always grateful when I come across others who too are working to establish this shift as the new ‘norm.’ Here’s a link from a video done by the BBC last year that does just that. It’s lovely in its simplicity.

Stay well, Heike

Why grief isn’t something you have to “get over”

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    1. Tim Melanson

      I bet you do. Take care, Heike

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