The road we travel always shifts

Shi(f)t Happens

One day, out of nowhere, this thought came to me.  If it was possible for my life to become chaotic in an instant, then it is also possible that my life could become lighter again in an instant.  Why not?  It was an unexpected piece of bad news that took me down that road, so who was to say that an unexpected piece of good news couldn’t take me down another road- an easier road?

Shi(f)t happens all the time: sometimes it’s dramatic and sometimes we don’t even realize things have shifted. Regardless, SHI(F)T HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.

This is a very helpful piece of insight. It is not enough to give any of us the life we desire but it is enough to keep us building that life, and it is enough to give us hope.

I will continue to use my weapons of choice (and possibly pick up a few more along the way) and I will fight my way forward and build that life I so desire. I suspect that in the process I will also end up building my own easier road.

I know somedays it’s not easy, but I hope that when shi(f)t happens that you too will pick up your weapons of choice and fight for your happier life regardless of what stands before you.

I’m know it’s worth the fight.  Besides resigning oneself to the alternative kind of sucks 😉

Breathe deeply, remember Shi(f)t happens and keep moving forward.


Till next time,


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