November and February have long been the two most dismal months of the year. Living in Waterloo, Ontario at the edge of Southern Ontario’s Snow Belt, by the time February draws to an end shoveling snow, scraping ice crusted car windows, heavy coats and slipping on slick sidewalks have become uninspiring tasks with no near end in sight. Fortunately, February now has Family Day where families take the day off and play together.Absolutely it helps. November on the other hand despite the occasional beautiful crisp fall day, is mired on its not so sunny days with a snarky obviousness that the days are getting shorter, the summer is long gone, and that winter is right around the corner. Ugh! Other than Remembrance Day, which has unfortunately been reduced to a minute of silence for most of us, November has no real “take a break and enjoy yourself” type of holiday. Until now that is. The Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation’s “Random Act of Kindness Day”, launched two years ago (2008), promises a fun day for anyone who participates. Paying it forward and coming up with some unique way to be kind to those around us, both loved ones and perfect strangers, gets the mojo running. Everyone gets the idea and for that one day everyone makes the effort. It is definitely something to look forward to. Don’t have your Random Act of Kindness cards or looking for a poster either download them at Random Act of Kindness Day – Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation. or contact KWCF at 519.725.1806. Have Fun. I will!