Learning to live again is thinking what you are doing now is the hardest thing you’ve had to do so far and realizing you have felt this way about so many of the other things you have had to do. And smiling at yourself as you realize whatever task it is you are currently undertaking is most certainly the hardest thing you’ve had to do so far and that you will get it done the same way you did all the other “hardest things” you had to do. The same holds true for what still lays ahead.

(excerpted from “Really?!? This is normal? Thoughts of grief, struggle and starting over.” pending publication)

Sometimes as you move through the grieving process you forget how far you’ve come and all that you have already done to re-build your life. Going over some edits today for my book, this particular passage struck me because though today is a much easier day it is good to be reminded that there have been some very hard things that needed to be done and that I did get them done. And these things have made me stronger than I would otherwise have been. This is grace.