I like good ice cream. I like eating good ice cream. It tastes wonderful and I am happy when I eat good ice cream.

I also like being slimmer. But, when I eat ice cream I do not become slimmer. This makes me a bit sad.

I like being slimmer. Being slimmer in my mind makes me more attractive. If I’m slimmer my love life might improve. Like someone might actually ask me out. This thought makes me happy.

But… this means I would have to stay slimmer to be attractive and that could mean not eating ice cream, which makes me happy. Because eating good ice cream does make me happy.

Am I more attractive when I’m slimmer or when I’m happy?
Is slimmer more important than being happy?
Is slimmer critical to being happy and if so why?

Would I want to date someone who didn’t understand that some things in life that bring pleasure come with unwanted side effects?

Would I want to date someone who wouldn’t find me attractive because I eat ice cream and I am no longer pencil thin?

I think that when the mood strikes me I will eat good ice cream. I will put my happiness first. Because as we’ve established, eating good ice cream does make me happy.

Also, if I don’t put my happiness first then how can I expect someone else to put their own happiness ahead of some other equally inaccurate social belief. And who wants to be with someone who is unhappy because they’ve judged themselves to be not tall enough, muscular enough, rich enough, or slim enough. Unhappy is not attractive.

People who enjoy themselves and like themselves are attractive.
It’s so much easier and lovelier to be with happier people.

Plus, it only follows that if they can’t be happy that I’m happy when I eat good ice cream because it isn’t slimming then my happiness is less important to them than it is to me. I choose happy me, happy people and good ice cream.

* This really isn’t about ice cream (well maybe just a little).

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