Imagine a vending machine that sees you coming and based on what it sees it offers you what it believes you will want. How does it know? Well, because of the demographic information programmed into it. But, from a marketing perspective, its real beauty lies not in its programming but in the data that it is collecting. Imagine having a vending machine record exactly how much of a particular product is bought by Caucasian women over 40 and how much by Asian men under 30. Yes, it’s a bit gimmicky but it has loads of appeal and if it gives customers what they want it is bound to increase sales, plus let’s face it…it makes you feel a bit more loved and cared for (provided it chooses right).
Where else could this be but on platform in a Tokyo train station. What a great example of how technology is utilizing demographic information to maximize sales. Yes, it is so 21st Century. Hooray and Fascinating!


High-Tech Vending Machine Is a Full-on Robo Salesperson [Video] | Co.Design.