The holidays are coming. In my case, it’s Christmas. The next few blog entries will be either new writings on surviving the holidays and grief or excerpts from what I hope will be my soon to be released book “Really?!? This is normal? Thoughts on grief, struggle and starting over”. I’m hoping these writings will help those who are grieving know they are not alone in this hell, and that those who know of someone who has lost a loved one in the last year or two will check in, reach out or show some kindness to this person who may be silently suffering. T’is the season of goodwill to (wo)men. Let us keep this present in our hearts and in our minds.

Grief is…living in a world that doesn’t make sense. Investing life insurance monies, waking to a quiet house, not seeing the point of doing anything, having little to no self-discipline. It’s looking at the old-fashioned Christmas tree stand you bought for your first Christmas together and steering clear of the question of whether you’ll ever use it again. The memories and joy of the first year hit you so strongly followed by those of pulling it out all of the years that followed. How naïve we were to believe there would be so many more to share together.