3 is a magic number aka the rule of three:  If you’re  stuck or having a hard time getting started on that long and maybe overwhelming to do list and you do three things or perform three actions, no matter how small, you create enough momentum to move forward on whatever it is you wish to accomplish.  Imagine… only 3 little things: it must be magic.

I was first introduced to this idea in a business course (forever and a day ago).  Years later a former anthropology student shared with me it wasn’t really a ‘rule’ per se but had more to do with the magic of the number three. A graphic designer confirmed her hypothesis.  Apparently, I was told, this is something consistently used in graphic design.

Who was I to argue, especially when experience has shown me time and again that they are right?

Eight years ago, 3 points of gratitude exchanged over email with a friend shifted my mind from overwhelming grief to a place of healing – magic.

Last year I learned that setting three intentions in the areas of kindness, caring, compassion, empathy and gratitude at the beginning of my day reminds me to take good care of myself. Somewhere in the process of making sure everyone else’s health crisis needs were being met, I let my own self-care regime go from thrive to survive mode. By setting these three simple intentions I’m shifting it back to thrive mode. Magic.

Recently, I took Yale University’s popular “Happiness” course (The Science of Well Being). Savouring, connecting and WOOP are now part of what makes my daily life better. I always suspected science was a little like magic. It’s one of the wonders of life-long learning- the more we know, the better choices we make, the happier we are (Magic).

I know this pandemic sometimes makes it challenging to stay positive.  I don’t manage to always do all of these things (I usually don’t) but being able to do at least three on a daily basis does help me be happier, healthier, and even a bit more organized.  Is it magic? Absolutely.  Try it. You’ll like it. And you too will feel the magic of the number 3.

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